3 Categories of Items That Sell Fast on eBay

3 Categories of Items That Sell Fast on eBay

Determining what sells fastest on eBay is a sure way to increase your selling success. If you’re looking for some quick cash or starting a brand new account, then you might want to have quick-seller items in your inventory. However, before you get the popular items by the truckload, consider who your target clientele is and the current demand and supply forces in the market. Your target clientele will give you an idea on what kind of description and photos will intrigue them most, and best items are those in high demand and low competition. These product categories will give you a general idea on what sells best on eBay, all factors considered:

  • Simplicity

Most buyers prefer to buy items that are easy to use and assemble online, and leave the complex ones to physical shopping where they can ask the vendors as many questions and even request an on-site tutorial. Complicated products are risky for online business and are prone to customer dissatisfaction. If you want to deal with such products, amass as much technical knowledge as possible on it and offer customer service, which will increase customer’s trust and willingness to purchase.

  • Price between $150-300

This range is perfect; not too low to make significant sales margins, and not so high that you run serious financial risks. This price range falls well within the range that most eBay visitors are willing to spend, and allows you to make a sustainable profit without so much hassle. Products more than $10,000 rarely sell as most buyers will rarely make an impulse purchase this expensive, and will be wary of buying such high-value items online.

  • Avoid niche markets

Niche markets are those crowded markets where most listings tend to fall under. Electronics such as used cameras and TVs are very popular, and hence price competition is stiff. If you are starting, avoid these kinds of markets as experienced veterans can drop the prices to tip the competition in their favor, and thus leave you in the dust. In such categories, sell something less cliché with less competition.


Competition on eBay is intense, with over 1.2 billion listings seeking to capture the attention of sellers. To keep up with trends on eBay, use the Explore eBay tool to figure out what is trending in your location. Amazon’s best-sellers page and Movers and Shakers will also give you honest insight on the products in the high-selling rank.

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