4 Tips to Help You Sell Smart on eBay

4 Tips to Help You Sell Smart on eBay

If you have a bunch of stuff in storage and are looking to sell it, eBay is one of the most convenient, yet largest online marketplace to give a shot. With over 1.2 billion listings and 150 million buyers and sellers interacting every day, your chance at making a profitable sale are as high as they can be. If you already have an eBay account and are seeking for extra tips to better your selling capabilities, or thinking about starting, here are a few tips that will give you an edge and make your selling easier:

  • Schedule your auctions depending on the type of item

Proper auction scheduling will not only increase your chances of making a sale but also improve your profit margin significantly. Schedule your action when demand for your type of product is high. To find out when to list your items, search for the category of products you are looking to sell, and filter by only ‘sold’ items. Seek to establish a pattern for the days when these products sell at the highest price, then schedule your listings as per those days.

  • Use barcodes to fill out the description fields

For sellers dealing in many products, typing the descriptions can be time-consuming and cumbersome. If your item has a barcode, the eBay mobile app allows you to scan it and easily obtain all its details at one go. Barcodes will help you fill out many actual product specs in your listing and increase your sales.

  • Include many of the popular payment options

The first payment gateway you want to include is PayPal, as most buyers find it convenient, and can use credit cards as they wish. Moreover, accepting checks and money orders will also increase your bids and final price. However, for payments via check, have a disclaimer that delivery will be delayed as you wait for the check to clear. Also, with money-orders, only accept those from your own country to avoid fake money order scams.

  • Add a disclaimer for used products

More often than not, you will desire to sell used items on eBay. Examine your piece closely for chips, tears and worn areas and then include a disclaimer about wear and tear. This will inform potential buyers that the used item will have some ‘imperfections’ to avoid loss of money and unrealistic expectations. 


These few tips, coupled up with consistency and patience will increase your profits and potentially turn what was one sale into a way of living. Follow them, then plan and be customer oriented.

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